Our Team

    Our collaborators come with decades of national and international experience in change management, leadership and organizational development, and results-based growth. These people form the foundation of our thinking, creating and refining the platform upon which we support and evolve organizations. 


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    Kate Gibbons, LCSW, Ph.D (2018)

    Kate brings 25 years  as a specialist in systems change, organizational development, and implementation.  Kate is known for achieving transformation through her ability to build relationships with a broad range of audiences. By applying a large-scale systems view to her work, Kate guides leadership and teams to realize full potential in professional and personal growth.

    Judy Bowers, PMP

    Judy is a senior level project and program manager with extensive experience in the creation and implementation of digital transformation projects, software development, business readiness activities and development of employee programs. She has a strong ability to identify strategic opportunities, create and implement action plans, address risks and issues, and improve operational effectiveness while optimizing the customer experience. Judy's track record of building trust and employee engagement with all levels of team has consistently proven to influence and identify the appropriate cross functional relationships necessary to drive businesses forward.

    Doug Cohen, ma

    Doug is the Owner and Principle at the Leadership Center. Doug is internationally known and brings 30 years of experience in  organizational learning and development. Doug is a facilitator, mentor, coach, and writer. Inter-generational work is his forte.

    Ray Foster, Ph.D.

    Ray Foster, Ph.D., has spent more than 40 years working in practice development, performance evaluation, practice-focused qualitative case review processes, and system change initiatives in child welfare, mental health, special education, early intervention, and intellectual and developmental disabilities systems in numerous states. From these experiences, he brings clients valuable tools, strategies, and lessons learned about successful system changes, court monitoring situations, performance measurement and feedback strategies, as well as organizational learning and leadership.

    Natalie Hickes



    We empower leaders to unlock what their teams already have: a diverse and complementary group of individuals whose collective gifts can CATALYZE exceptional group cohesion.